Friday, January 1, 2010

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Nude britney spears...

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Should I let my seven year old daughter do a nude photoshoot? Last week, a photographer ' s is approached me about the Hollywood ' get my daughter to Hollywood ' d modeling and acting. Id LOVE for my daughter to do this. shes already pagaents and everytone tells her pretty ' that is great. He said that ' he photographed other child stars like Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears ' and that they must be famous, he Disney Channel. He said that my daughters should be a nude photoshoot, but that ' he would taseful and classy.He said that they are the types of photos that ' s management team on the Disney Channel are looking for, and that & ; # 39; he would personally send them to Disney and his hook with an agent. it would have a sheet on top of her chest and she would be showing his bare buttocks. He said that he knows ' many Hollywood producers d ' and ' that is personal frinds with Spielberg stven. Tomorrow we're supposed to go to his studio to do the photoshoot. It's legit? Should I let my daughter do the nude photoshoot or should I refuse to let her do the nude photos butlet him a regular photoshoot. btw, we discovered at one of its ' Pagent. ' C is in the Miss Missouri Pageant Princess little bikini.
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